In summary Kid’s Creations

Play Set Rails, Ladders & Rockwalls

When you mass produce the first thing you start doing is looking at ways to cut corners and costs. This is how a swing set manufacturer makes more money! By selling you a watered down version of a better swing set. The competition’s rockwall is a prime example. Are they selling a rockwall or a glorified ladder? By leaving out 4 or 5 planks on their rockwall they are saving money on their bottom line and you are paying for an inferior swing set.  If you want to get best funiture,you should pay more attention on balsa wood .

Our ladders are constructed to support moms and dads who want to join the fun lflgxliy. Compare with the ladder our competition uses. Which play set would you want to climb?

Playset Slides

The Kid’s Creations slides have a large supporting spine of plastic that runs the length of the slide to support and prevent bending. It is solid and vs. our competition’s slides that are honey combed and full of air pockets. The competitions slides may support your young ones now but as they get older and bigger don’t expect them to be as sturdy.

In summary Kid’s Creations will save you money in the long run if you buy one of their wooden swing sets. They take less time to set up, last longer and most of all they’re safer than the out of the box kits. You can find most balsa wood information by ,and you also can find affordable price.

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