Good Ore Beneficiation can Gain Supernumerary Benefits

Nowadays , the main iron ore in the domestic ore selective industry are magnetic iron ore and hematite, and the fine magnetic iron ore takes 3/4 of the fine iron ore in our country. The iron resources in our country are very rich. Because of the fine granularity of our chosen magnetic iron ore, the bad influence of magnetic agglomeration becomes more obvious, which makes it harder to improve the fine ore’s degree depending on the simplex ore beneficiation. Combining the magnetic flotation and anion reverse flotation can achieve the mutual complement inore separating line, which is beneficial for the improvement of the degree of magnetic iron ore.

Since 2012, the domestic ore prices have dropped severely, but the costs of ore beneficiation remain high, which made the development of mining enterprise was blocked, and some enterprises even shut down. If the enterprises want to survive in this terrible market environment, they must take measures to cut down the costs.

In fact, the main cost of mining enterprises is from ore beneficiation. So taking measures to reduce the ore beneficiation cost is the most important. The ore beneficiation costs mainly include the earlier infrastructure costs and post-commissioning operating costs. For our mining enterprises, reasonable ore beneficiation plant design and equipments is a good way to save ore beneficiation costs.

The selection of ore beneficiation equipments will have no small influence on the ore beneficiation costs. It is definitely not saying that the lower price of equipments, the less costs of ore beneficiation. Conversely, if you choose high quality and energy-saving equipment with relatively high price, you will have less loss caused by equipment failure in the production processes, and you will be able to save a lot of energy costs in the production line. Although the new product of superfine Raymond mill, produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Company, has relatively high price, it can make the power consumption drop by 60%, and double the production efficiency. At the time, there is no need to have medium-crushing plant and dust removal unit, which not only save construction investment, but also save floor space and greatly reduce the production costs. To a service-oriented brand integrity, as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like Impact crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.quarry:

The cost control is no doubt an important capability for each enterprise; what’s more it has been the only way to enhance competitive power and an important indicator of enterprises competitive power in accordance with increasingly sharp competition in mining enterprises in recent years. Especially in the depression of mineral resources, the less cost will bring a huge competitive advantages for the mining enterprises. Itself will get rapid development for more and more attention.

The falling grinding materials impact the feeding materials into particle, the grinding medium and feeding materials will be taken to a certain height together because of friction, and then they will fall down to impact each other. This process is repeated again and again within ball mill, so materials can finally be crushed.

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