Some Notes about Different Kinds of Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is widely applied to petroleum, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, grain, etc. Vibratory screen is classified as single shaft vibrating screen, twin-shaft vibrating screen and multi-shaft vibrating screen by the amount of the shafts. According to the form of motion, twin-shaft vibrating screen is classified as twin-shaft general elliptical motion vibrating screen, twin-shaft circular motion vibrating screen, twin-shaft balanced elliptical motion vibrating screen and twin-shaft especial motion vibrating screen; according to synchronous mode, vibrating screen is classified as forced synchronized twin-shaft vibrating screen and self- synchronized twin-shaft vibrating screen; according to operating frequency of the exciting shaft, twin-shaft vibrating screen is classified as single frequency vibrating screen and multi-frequency vibrating screen. Through the actuality analysis of vibrating screen, the subject of dynamics about some new vibrating screens is established in this dissertation.

Twin-shaft linear vibrating screen is widely used in mining, coal preparation plant as classifier and dewatering equipment. The sieve box of twin-shaft linear vibrating screen is supported by spring or hung on the rack, and it moves in line depending on the exciter’s inertia force. It resonates when the operating frequency is equal to its natural frequencies. It is an inevitable phenomenon to resonate in a short time before and after vibrating screen’s normal operation, but the time of resonance should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the effect on the lifespan of vibratory screen.

Conclusions are the following by properly adjusting the relative position between exciting force and mass center of vibrating screen box, and screen surface and mass center of vibrating screen box, it is able to design new linear vibrating screen with greater treating ability than currently linear vibrating screen can be designed.

Using multi-body dynamics software to do motion animation analysis in order to obtain the vibrating displacement, velocity and acceleration, and then to animatedly display the motion of the Vibrating Screen. The FEA model is therefore established for static and fatigue analysis by means of kinematical analyzing load. This method successfully combines dynamic analysis with stress analysis and fatigue analysis and effectively provides foundation, for developing large-scaled vibrating screen with high reliability and efficiency

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