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The metal doors of the depot open the mine fat and wangcai of walking out.
    ‘Sweet potatoes tree’ planted ten meters at the left side of the depot door, walk out the door, so Lei fat and wangcai of a turn went to the the ‘the sweet potatoes tree’ below.
    “Guji ~, Guji ~”
    Ray fat man walked into after only hear the sound of ‘the sweet potatoes tree’ vines is issued melting molar.
    “How will melt it? Also how transformed this small piece of desert?” Fat Man Ray’s Cheap Dr Dre Beats Australia heart filled with the mystery. After staring at the vines are melting fat Ray suddenly thought of a not very good thing, “do not know this piece of desert is transformed into land on plant growth will not be affected by ah.”
    This is a critical asked difficulties to know ‘sweet potatoes tree’ is needed to nourish what the magic inherent in the gravel. If the desert is transformed into a normal land, then is not it means that a headache … future can no longer be converted land planted ‘sweet potato’.
    This is related to the Ray fat earn credit points, so mine fat also had to be taken seriously. Then his own questions, all told wangcai out.
    Ray fat man asked problems, it is difficult to live a prosperous wealth. He did not know the fear of thunder fat will not become a reality, Ray fat worries are real. So after their day can not better …
    Although a vast desert area on the planet, even this small piece of desert is transformed nothing. Ray fat is not think so, he was thinking “after the foundry bigger, the acreage will be followed by expansion of that time and God knows how much desert area to grow if planted will be converted, then The desert planet use area will was geometric number.
    This is mine fat most worried that most do not want to see.
    See the worried look of the fat face, more income over whispered: “Master, things should also not as bad as you might think I is not good to judge what everything until the last to say it.” Now the situation even wangcai nothing about it.
    Ray fat know, and now can only wait for the final results. After all themselves with wangcai, now this is no way to stop it. We can not avoid the desert land of the already planted down the ‘sweet potato’ to Cheap Beats By Dr Dre Studio dig out come.
    To know that sweet potatoes, is likely to have Andrew family finally handed down only. If planting unsuccessful, Andrew completely sad reminder.
    Think of these situations Ray fat then nodded his head wangcai Road: “in accordance with the present situation, but also had this hope God opening the eyes, do not let us nothing.” Lei fat man’s eyes did not leave that slowly melts vines, seeing this, it becomes thick the orange liquid slowly deep into the sand.

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