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Beats won’t get into casque beats details about Daisy, but it is starting to talk in general terms about what it will be like: A subscription service, likely priced around the same $10-a-month level that the rest of the industry has settled at, which gives you on-demand access to a huge catalog of music, just beats by dre australialike the rest of the industry.In an unexpected move, chip maker AMD also hopes to expand horizons for music and entertainment industry providers with its 360-degree SurRound House audio technology, which product marketing director John Taylor says represents “the future of home theater and gaming.”As noted in our recent conversation with Gibson Guitar chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, technology looks to play a more “invisible and not intrusive” role in production going forward. Major themes for 2013 will include an array of auto-tuning instruments with direct digital output, and portable app-backed recording equipment such as IK Multimedia’s suite of mobile accessories. Hoping to do for live performers what ProTools did for producers, novel new debuts such as the iRig HD digital guitar interface and LL Cool J’s MyConnect Studio App aim to provide on-the-fly recording and collaboration, respectively, wherever musicians travel. Thanks to an array of new high-tech solutions from USB microphones to direct-to-digital turntables, and applications for taping or streaming music to and from mobile devices, it’s now possible to capture and share studio-grade performances whenever inspiration strikes.

Myriad car manufacturers from Chrysler to GM also lined up at CES 2013 to announce partnerships with Slacker, iHeartRadio, Spotify and other streaming services, broadening the reach of digital networks. But perhaps the most telling announcement surrounding the auto industry’s digitally-enhanced future at the show came from Ford, which revealed an open program for mobile app developers.But what’s potentially more telling for entertainment industry players hoping to extend their reach, whether to encompass or better leverage digital networks, is the growth and maturation of both emerging markets and content creation or sharing solutions.But don’t all the other casque beats solds services also push curation and discovery? Spotify, for instance, recently announced an overhaul that’s supposed to make it much easier to find new music.Nope, not good enough, says Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine, the longtime music producer and label executive, who has worked with everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Eminem to Lady Gaga. “These companies, these services, they all lack curation. They call it curation, there’s no curation,” he says. “That’s what we did as a record label, we curated. There’s 150 white rappers in America — we served you one. We curated it.” (Much more from my talk with Iovine here, including his efforts to lobby Steve Jobs on subscription services.The company won’t spell that out quite yet.

But it is talking about the guy they’ve hired to run the venture: Ian Rogers, a much-respected industry veteran who has been running music services startup Topspin for the last five years.Rogers’s job will be to take MOG, the subscription service Beats bought last year, and build a new company using its technology and licenses, then relaunch it with the help of Beats’ marketing muscle.There’s no name or firm launch date yet, but for now the company is calling the service “Daisy,” and hopes to have it up and running by next fall.You can read Rogers’s take on curation via this presentation he made a couple years ago at an industry conference. Short version: In a digital media world of nearly infinite choice and infinite niches, consumers will increasingly rely on a handful of trusted tastemakers — who aren’t today’s tastemakers.Prior to Topspin, Rogers headed up music at Yahoo, which makes him one of the very few digital music executives to leave the business and return. He also has a fascinating life story, beats by dre which includes a stint as the Beastie Boys’ digital guru; you can read about it in this very fun Wired profile.

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