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Fat Ray will be in the hands of the laser gun and move it slowly turned dark purple insect hive hacking the mother died. Feel that this is an idea that harm: template nesting Black has been blown away, now is the time to address them, you have a problem for you, then I would be the time to be able to explain about the security of its own. “The idea that fat is mine, you can not help a bit smaller and pride.
“I do not know what is the reason for the same species in a brutal fight this?” Cheap Monster Beats By Dre Pro hearts I think of mine as targeted fat like red violet.
Seems to know the fate of their own is about to meet his mother started shrinking violet rays of his great strength. And constantly creeping up. Nest, but parents themselves do not move if there is no war, then flies to the nest, the mother can not afford to leave this place.
See it from the eyes of the violet ray body fat was split open spaces. Shining crystal red blood from space down to the ground.
“That’s what the hell?” Fat Ray stunned for a moment, and then again by visual observation.
I see a red crystal Grunt landing after a few stops at the edge of the nest with their mother. Dazzling spectrum of light emanating from the crystal.
“These two fighters just because I happen to like it or not” Ray’s fat heart, I suspect that the mysterious crystal.
In fact, fat is a battle I guess mine must be done so that the effective place precisely because of this mysterious red lens.
If not because it wants to blast fat man did not have a chance to get rid of one of them.
As if automatically, Crystal Liturgy of the parts to be able to let go of Ray’s own fat. I spit at each mysterious red crystal in the sand ‘Zerg will keep returning.
Then wrap it up.
“I want you to make the Colca my family on a horse I was willing to give up my mysterious crystal. A carbon-based. Or peace “.
It’s ray of fat is eliminated through a sweet girl.
“I went to le! I do. ”
Ray shocking fat.
Panic on his laser gun to the left and right to see the right, but not the Cheap Beats by Dre Headphones t of sesame ghost, not far from the door outside the body.
“The mother rang”, Ray immediately think of the fat man.

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