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Today, the writer will recommend to everyone a new amigo DV, amigo AHD-S1 which supports full 1080P HD video capture. Normally, GHD mk4 hair straightener would be the Best Wearing for Internship As it is with small appearance, simplicity of operator and easy-to-use operating system, it’s the first DV choice to buy for families. How Can You Blink Seductive NBA shop
Amigo AHD-S1 uses a 1/2.3 inch CMOS light-sensitive components and can reach 10 cheap ugg million pixel imaging capability. It can shoot 1920 x 1080 full HD video files. The body weighs only 210 grams and the volume is also 112.5 x 44.35 x 63.5mm. The design of the body is fashionable, exquisite and easy to be carried.Hey! UGG Boots Sale is the Favorites of People in San Francisco.

Amigo AHD-S1 uses the 5 times optical zoom lens with the focal length between 6.1 to 30.5mm. Below the lens is flash and built-in microphone. Although the body uses the lower cost of engineering plastics as a shell, but the outside drawing design is more fashionable. Would You Wear cheap ugg boots uggs uk ?

Amigo AHD-S1’s most the buttons are designed in the inside, including the power supply, pre-recording, backlight compensation and the mode switch button. By using a 3.0-inch big-size-screen, which has good display effect and supports screen-touch operation, Amigo AHD-S1 is satisfactory on its easy-to-use feature. Top 5 Spring/Summer 2010 tiffany necklaces Street Style.

Amigo AHD-S1 adopted a 3.0 inch touch screen and the touch operation is convenient. Besides, the camera design is full black which is more suitable for male consumers What is worth mentioning is that although the body design is small, but it just can be held by the whole hand, making you feel more comfortable when shooting. Amigo AHD-SI menu design has a biggest advantage- clear and larger font. I believe that it can meet the need of the bad- sight consumers to operate. But there are also disadvantages, there are no hints after clicking the menu, so beginners will be confused in choosing menus, and they are not sure what the effect will ugg boots outlet be the next step. Amigo AHD-S1 has a variety of scene modes, you can shoot according to different scenarios and at the same time it also has some effects, such as powerful static photo shoot effect and eliminates wind effect as well as EIS electronic anti-shake effect. As a result of the clear touch-screen operation, we can set up quickly after we are familiar with the menu.

Amigo AHD-S1 uses a 1450mAh, 3.7V battery to be powered, because the battery capacity reaches to 5.4Wh, and with flash memory DV itself is more power-efficient. In normal use condition, AHD-S1 has the satisfactory battery terms. In shooting time, a 1GB storage disk can store more than 10 minutes 1080P video and near 20 minutes 720P video. High speed storage disk is advice to prevent the film losing situation in shooting. There are high definition output and USB interfaces at the back of the body.

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