Pink Beats By Dre more targeted sense of fashion headphones

Headphones model vintage, Pink Beats By Dre very elegant dark red mix; the rectangle real estate style, has a different kind of road style, which has a ring of gold decor, more targeted sense of fashion headphones.Free headsets two models of position spinning, to ensure the dressed in of riding levels, ray segments using a large area of cortical content, Cheap Dre Beats parts using a smooth sponge or cloth made of materials, disturbance, and dressed in comfort.wufengfengmaple41 Wanted to get a excellent songs to pay attention to, and fish is essential, if you pay attention to pop songs like only hardly the begining the fish is definitely very people experience does not fit.Beats By Dre Pro room earphone regularity reaction variety is 20-20000Hz, impedance is 44 european, understanding of 102dB, match your audio resource using totally not a problem.So to fulfill the mass users, for pop songs audio, modify the ear phones is consumes a prominent position. Hope that we can take into consideration their own use as well as the actual use of habits, Dr Dre Beats Solo choose a more appropriate for your own headphones.Beats By Dre Sale used after the clinging framework style, constant and relaxed, more appropriate to go for sports use.Earmuffs part of the ear phones with a width of 2 cm of sponge or cloth content, very smooth, has a sofa-like experience, very relaxed up, sounds are more popular.

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