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While nanjing escort  and reflexology are two different things, they are often combined. Reflexology focuses on the use of certain pressure points on the foot, each of which coincides with a part of the body. It is believed that by manipulating and applying pressure to these points, the specific body parts can benefit from increased blood flow and stimulation that promotes healing.
Foot massage, by its very nature, means rubbing and pressing the feet and stretching out the muscles found there. The reflexology points would then be pressed, even unintentionally. By combining both types of therapy, even greater benefit is found, since pressure points are intentionally manipulated.
Health Benefits of a  escort in ningbo

Our feet are pummeled all day long and carry our entire weight on a very small surface area mdgsfty24q. Add in shoes that pinch, high heels, or other factors and most people have feet that are in desperate need of relaxation. People who are required by their job to be on their feet all day (such as waitresses, nurses and store clerks) are particularly at risk for developing aches and pains, as well as other problems, in their feet. Studies have shown that having foot problems can throw the entire body off and cause pain in areas seemingly unrelated, such as the back or neck.
Stimulating blood flow to the feet with massage and easing the tense muscles there alleviates stress and can help relax the entire body. This is one of the reasons people opt for this type of massage. It takes less time than a full body massage, but offers instant stress relief. When feet are swollen, the gentle pressure and manipulation can help move the excess liquid out of the tissue, leaving them refreshed and feeling light.
Foot massages are offered just about anywhere a regular massage is, although some masseuses are able to create a niche specialty primarily in the feet. However, there are different types of foot massages. Some regular, full body massages include the feet, but don’t focus exclusively on them. These are probably the least likely to do much good, since not much time is spent on any one part of the body.
Shiatsu is another type of massage that incorporates foot work into the treatment mdgsfty24q, as is Zone Reflex Therapy. In some cases, podiatrists and physical therapists use escort in ningbo to enhance their regular services and to relax the feet and muscles.


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