Take Measures to Prolong the Life of Vibrating Screen

With the closure of large number of small metallurgy, small mines and small cement companies, some new large-scale concentrator, coal preparation plant and cement plant have been built gradually. Which put forward higher requirements for mining machinery. It is urgent to need environmental protection equipment with large capacity, high efficiency, reliable performance and energy-saving. The automated, large-scale, high-efficient and energy-saving of mine environmental protection equipment will become important subject of mining equipment manufacturing enterprises in the future.

The correct use and reasonable maintenance of vibrating screen will help to extend the service life of the vibrating screen. Therefore, in addition to correct operation that is in strict accordance with the instructions, the following details also should be paid attention.

1. the operator and the users should learn more about the basic structure and working principle of the vibrating screen, conduct frequent inspections and regular checks, gain experience and collect operating datas and record them.

2. before dismantlin the transportation fixed plate, it is not allowed to open the vibration motor. If the transported fixed plate are not dismantled before the startingup of the machine, it may result in damage to the equipment and vibration motor, even the personal injury. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Classifiers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

3. every time the operators start the vibrating screen, they should check the screen to make sure that the screen is pressed and smooth and the beam ring screws are properly tightened.

4. in addition, the operator should carry out the necessary checks, focus on the lubrication of each lubrication point and whether each connection piece is loose and the moving parts are out of nimbleness and ensure the necessary gap between all moving parts and the fixe parts. And after the vibrating screen operates for eight hours, the operator should re-tighten all the fasteners of the equipment.

Different mechanical machines these days are making use of motion and man-made screens to filter different kinds of components. The vibrating screen is efficient and it saves plenty of time and it can do work that would normally take several people to do. The vibrating screen is very much helpful since it makes the process of manufacturing a lot easier and ten times more efficient than doing it manually. At the same time, the vibrating screen can save you a lot of money. The screen is primarily used in the process of manufacturing products which involves sizing and grading.

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