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HUDSON — The Hudson custom beats by dre Police Department is reportedly investigating a Sunday evening break-in on North Fifth Street and a theft of a computer on Warren Street.The break-in was reported to have occurred late Sunday evening in the building housing Megagem, a store and art gallery at 17 North Fifth casque beats by dre Street between State Street and Warren Street.Earlier, on Warren Street at about 5:30 p.m. near the Third Street intersection, a duffel bag containing a computer, external hard drives and head phones were reported to have been stolen off the street.Local rapper Young Paris said he had just finished shooting a video when he said a bag containing his equipment was stolen. He said the duffel bag contained an Apple Macbook Air and Beats by Dre headphones. Young Paris said he contacted the Hudson Police Department, who are looking into it.What this means for Facebook is that they are trying to use their massive network and use it to combat Skype. Now teenagers who have an iPod touch can make phone calls using the app. So when they always compared the iPhone to the iPod touch the difference was that one could make phone calls and the other couldn’t, but now with this app allowing this function iPod touch users can now make phone calls. Now all iPod touch and iPhone users can make calls.Recently, Yamaha released its PRO line of headphones, and the PRO 300, at £139, is the entry-level offering.

Its glossy plastic design is logo-focused, and not unlike the bass-heavy Beats by Dr Dre line-up, although the PRO 300’s audio performance is far more in line with flat response, reference headphones.The actual ergonomic design throws me off a bit, too. To get the major bugbear out of the way immediately – these headphones get uncomfortable pretty quickly. In the interests of full disclosure, I wear glasses, and the PRO 300 uses a lot of pressure to secure itself against the ear – and in my case, it presses my frames hard against my head, behind my ears.Cannon not only has his own Internet hub, but he’s also the brain behind Monster Products’ NCredible headphones, produced by the casque beats pas cher same manufacturer of the Beats by Dre headphones, which Cannon identifies as the company that “made headphones a fashion accessory but also made it a necessity.””I want to provide the tools and essentials for young people to do the things that we do. How can you create your podcast? How can you create your own Internet show?”Last week, shares of Skullcandy (NASDAQ:SKUL) plunged by 13% on a negative report from Jefferies (NYSE:JEF) analyst Randal Konik. He pointed out that competition in the headphone market was heating up and that revenues could be under pressure.But today, Skullcandy is getting a nice boost, with the shares up 6% to $7.29 in Wednesday morning trading.

The reason? A Bloomberg story suggests the company may be buyout bait. For example, a manager at Royce & Associates, which owns shares in Skullcandy, thinks the suitors could be operators like privately held Bose or Sony (NYSE:SNE).A deal would certainly be easy to pull off. After all, Skullcandy’s valuation is dirt cheap, coming to about 8 times earnings.In an effort to empower the moguls of tomorrow to enter the DIY movement, Cannon wanted to create products that were just as hot and high-quality as high-priced headphones but also affordable and accessible to youth. He’s just released his third Monster Products line, introducing different colors and styles, with home systems and other major developments on the horizon.In terms of marketing with an eye towards accessibility and technology, Cannon points out that “everything used to be about cache and not being involved in too many things and preserving your brand. Now it’s like, what can you do with your brand?””We’re probably minutes away from having to give all music away for free,” he continues. “Where are the other means of income in that sense, besides live performances?” The worlds of tech and online branding now allow for artists and entertainers to become curators for their fans and create their own social communities that actually stand for something and represent beats studio something. Cannon says it’s all about “taking these fans and giving them content specific to what they like.”

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