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The trapped man is a 19 year old high school student, surnamed huang. A landing he Gu see his arm of the scratch, not only the fire and police expressed gratitude, the mountain is very easily fall goods down, in case I hit. ” The dangerous situation just as if he had left to be flung to the four winds to. He also said early know fire so slow, Fire Red 5S 2013 For Sale long I can down. The reporter asked if he think so why should shout “help “, but he side gesticulate side reply: “I think it will be like television, there will be a helicopter to rescue me! ” You see? Attitude and consult deputy director Gao said in an interview the core of mental health in primary and middle schools in Xiamen City, the Yellow age paragraph the child of the opposite sex that really is deformity, parents can not simply to oppose, but gradually to communicate with children exchange, slowly led the children out of extreme thinking.

A high school student, in the face of “emotional ” frustration will choose to ” prove ” adventure, it makes people feel a bit uneasy. Someone to help him escape from danger, his not to regard it as right and do not know also let a person a little. He finally say ” thank you ” two words finally, comfortable, also let people see the child’s heart true benevolence. But, why won’t he start to say “thank you”? Buy He Got Game 13S Huang said that he usually also wrote poetry in the QQ space, but no one seems to watch, but he also set up a password, it seems not to be willing to share with others. Perhaps, the yellow door has been closed for too long, so the lack of communication with the “leak “. According to Mr. Huang introduction, children in the class achievement medium, this how many days have been something wrong, is not due to the girl.

Mr. Huang that after the events, has been grateful for the fire officers and soldiers and police, and said the children returned home must take education, communication. The firemen had climbed above the hanging rope down boy, ready to rescue, Buy Bred 13S 2013 For Sale firefighters are concluded that the position in the ground to fit the mountain fire. Although everyone in order to save and busy, the trapped men seemed not to regard it as right, also constantly toward the following people laugh. Communication achievements future child

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Miss Daisy’s father, he told reporters, probably because the child’s latest chasing a girl not to, so the mood affected. Reporter noticed, yellow in the field has been very disdain with laughter, but reporters suspect, but his heart should still very helpless. Suddenly faced with so many people to help him, he may have a greater sense of frustration, Motorboat Jones 9S For Sale originally wanted to prove himself, but the results still end up ” the point “, the heart will have some missing. Through a few back to confirm the current, the mountain firefighters to tie it down the mountain rescue. The fireman told reporters, the mountain is their old monitor, Lin. Soon, Lin several kick to the trapped men’s side, and let the rope tied to his body. “You hold me, wait for me to jump again as you jump.

After tying rope, just as much weight, but Lin monitor still skillfully to landing, the last two people finally have insurance fell to the ground, the ground people loose tone. All save process, in addition to tying in time, less than half a minute. Cool Grey 9S For Sale Mr. Huang look in the eyes also urgent in the heart, hope this two days to bring the child to see a doctor, yesterday morning when children go to the factory to work, to see whether the first to help children to come loose beguilement. But she said to go back to change a pair of shoes, the results didn’t go to Mr. Huang, he didn’t know where the hell the child.

Taiwan network May 25th news 19 years of high school students trapped in the half way up the mountain to mountain people shouting “help “, 110 and fire officers and soldiers took a lot of effort finally give him safe down, but he has not to regard it as right, also blame the fire officers and men of action too slow, ” I thought would come by helicopter, otherwise I would have her down!” Olive 9s 2012 For Sale The site of the incident in the lake and in the adjacent mountain, the mountain is a building of two floors of residential housing. When the reporter arrived already three thirty in the afternoon, standing on the roof can be seen trapped behind a pile of Grass Boys, everywhere is a piece of sharp rocks, the trapped place is almost perpendicular to the ground of the cliff, from the ground ten meters high, is at the top of the hill with the ground beside the interests.


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