How to maintain ball mill before and while using it

The ball mill must be given sufficient stoppage time. On the premise that the ball mill is properly stopped, the optimization of working process can be focused on. Firstly, the ball mill can’t be operated before materials are fed for fear of danger. The ball mill must be laid flat on the ground and be fastened by bolt. Secondly, check whether the rotating parts are flexible or there is collision phenomenon among other components or electric appliance terminals are fixed enough or the reducer is fully filled with oil.

Ball mill is key equipment in milling machinery and also an indispensable part in ore dressing equipment. The ball mill maintenance is a top priority in the whole production line. It not only concerns the operation efficiency but also has a great impact on the service life of the ball mill. Then how to properly maintain ball mill and make the ball mill play a bigger role? Here are some tips for advice:

Inspect operation of ball mill during test run:

1) during test run, the personnel should write down all kinds of records seriously.

2) Ball mill idle running. Ball mill idle running continuous operation must be more than 12~24 hours, during idle running, if problems happened, they must be solved immediately.

3) ball mill load test run. After the ball mill had been testing normally, the load test run can be taking. Load test run should be processed in stage, feeding should be process according to the discharging situation during load test run, which can avoid the unnecessary wear and damage to steel ball and shell liner .

The stages of load test run are:

(1) Add certain materials and 1/3 quantity of steel mill (max. ball load refers to ball mill instruction) test for 12~~24hours.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as stone crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.cement equipment:

(2) Add 2/3 quantity of steel ball run for 24~48 hours

(3) According to the discharge situation of ball mill, the output of accepted products refers to the actual ball load of the same kind beneficiation plan t to makes sure the reasonable ball load of this ball mill, then test for at least 72hours.

Matters need attention during ball mill usage:

1) between balance wheel and middle wheel of ball mill gear box, mesh, Tooth elevation do not install according to the regulation, this will cause the ball mill high speed shaft pinion drives one side intermediate shaft big gear wheel, while ball mill intermediate shaft pinion drives balance wheel, ball mill balance wheel drives the other side intermediate shaft that makes ball mill gear box cannot form two sides load sharing rotation, occur beat voice, it is dangerous.

2) ball mill should not work under the situation of overload and underfeeding.

3) ball mill should rotate according to the specified direction ,otherwise it will not discharge or damage the machine.

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