artificial grass durable design principles

artificial grass durable design principles, and compared to natural turf, artificial turf pitch without the « rest ». Proper maintenance of practicality and aesthetic designed to improve the artificial turf.

Fundamental points:

Playground artificial grass installed two weeks time for a solid grass fibers. We recommend that in the meantime, try not to hold sports events, unnecessary equipment and heavy transport vehicles are not to enter the venue. During this time, the number of necessary cleaning to a minimum, especially not in the high temperature cleaning.

Keep it clean:

The cleaning of landscape grass is the only effective way to make your sports venues to maintain the best state of motion. Period in the frequent use of the site, adhere to once a month cleaning maintenance, timely removal of venues garbage.

Control the use of the venue:

Time allowed, at sporting events, and try to make site maintenance a week later to continue using.

Provide enough trash to avoid waste spill.

Timely repair small damage:

On synthetic turf venues suitable for early spring maintenance, repair, carefully check whether the stitching loose, check the entire turf base cloth for damage, tearing, burning, and other phenomena replenish filling accessories.

Artificial grass grounds to establish a « No Smoking », « Do not bring food » logo.

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