Bamboo fiber maintenance of common sense

The nursed back and washing
Nursed back to health
Bedding: experts proposed before the first times manipulated, the first water rinse once, the overview pulp quality and printing and dyeing floating color wash disappearance, and rigged up will redouble soft, not easily fade when cleaning
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Bedding: room temperature washing, not soaked with high temperature, dry cleaning, washing, washed, placed in ventilated dark place to dry can not be in sunlight exposure, low iron, not wring pull, bamboo fiber absorbent and tough deteriorates to 60-70% of the absorbent reduce its useful life, should not pull hard!
Ease Hand wash, warm water (40 ℃ water temperature) not with synthetic fabrics with washing machine wash Do not use detergent and wash clean wash, preferably with a neutral liquid detergent cleaning, to use the washing machine to use gentle mode wash best to hand wash products are pure natural bamboo fiber to treat it gently, and it is easy to destroy the fabric structure with strong alkaline detergent forced scrub.
Bamboo fiber clothing nursed back to health
The bamboo fiber type fabric, washable, dry cleaning, room temperature washing, not high-temperature soak, not eternal engraved soak. Not drying, machine washable in ventilated dark place to dry after washing can, not exposure should be low iron. Bamboo fiber bedding shrinkage less than 3%, and high-temperature machine washing. Bamboo fiber products are recycled viscose fiber, bedding finished shrinkage in 8%, therefore, should not be a high-temperature washing, and it is not machine washable, a hand wash low temperature.
Such as dryers, selection of low-temperature drying temperature should not cross 35 degrees Celsius, to prevent excessive shrinking. Lace, pendant removable ornaments must first remove the wash. The clothes drying should tiled drying, prohibit excessive stretching clothing to prevent clothes deformation. Folded neat preserved, and placed in a certain amount of mothballs in the dark, low humidity, ventilation delicate place to store
Bamboo fiber strength better when dry, while the the fibrous elastic suppressed after wet, its strength becomes weak. In the process of using bamboo fiber towels, individual consumers always used to use cotton towels, that too hard to twist the water, wring the towel dry as possible. It is unnecessary for the bamboo fiber towels terms, because of the strong water absorption capacity of bamboo fiber towels, moderately tighten the water to the facial moisture sucked clean. Too hard to twist, may wring bamboo fiber towels broken left hidden. While avoiding intentionally tear or pull a wet towel. Another bamboo fiber, good ventilation, with rear suspension towels included water can easily evaporate naturally, do not worry too much water and towels hair cover ”phenomenon. [3]
Bamboo fiber towels absorbent, wet water of its own weight significantly increased, there are excellent drape. Therefore in with rear suspension, it is best to hang on the force rod racks for larger items. If you hang on sharp objects such as nails, hooks, is linked to some of the local fiber easily variant in a larger gravity or broken and shorten life.
Edit this paragraph bamboo fiber industry investment report
Studying the situation bedding sets
[4] bamboo fiber industry report is engaged in the bamboo fiber industry investment before a variety of factors, bamboo fiber industry specific surveys, research, analysis, assessment of project feasibility, the degree of benefit on, put forward constructive suggestions countermeasures for bamboo fiber industry, investment decision-makers and the competent authority for approval of research reports. Mainly to illustrate the theoretical understanding of bamboo fiber industry, focusing on the study of the nature of the industry and understanding of the laws of Research bamboo fiber, unique views, innovative insights, profound philosophy, its rigorous logic and personalized language style intrinsic characteristics, logical analysis capabilities and the level of thinking of bamboo fiber researchers have higher requirements, but also have a high professional theoretical attainment.
Contains content
Bamboo fiber research report must be comprehensive exposition and argumentation, bamboo fiber industry research content and methods of the bamboo fiber data obtained in the course of the study, collation and analysis of the comprehensive system, through charts, statistics and literature, or argued longitudinal development process, or horizontal category analysis, analysis of arguments to demonstrate. The bamboo fiber research report: research objects and methods of bamboo fiber content and assumptions of the study, the research steps and processes as well as the findings of the analysis and discussion. more and more Comforter Sets in this

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