Maintenance of Dental Handpieces

Maintenance of Dental Handpieces

We can all agree that the modern dental handpiece is, at its simplest, a marvelous contraption that harnesses the power of air and electricity to provide amazing power, efficiency, and control in a tiny package. Dental handpieces are used to remove decayed materials from teeth before performing dental drilling. Dental handpiece head sizes always include large, standard, and mini. Bearings can also be a very important factor in dental handpiece. Dental handpiece bearings are very specialized and must be chosen with a high degree of accuracy for each medizinische geräte zahnarzt.

It is important to buy such tools from the company that offers great deals and follows strict procedural guidelines. This practice manages and ensures safe, effective and reliable operation of instruments. The renowned suppliers understand that these tools are valuable for you to give outstanding dental care.

Most dentists will have up to ten dental handpieces in their occupancy at any one time, and all of these will need daily maintenance, after use, as well as a ‘tune-up’ or repair at least once per year, if not on a six-month basis. High-speed handpieces with revolutions of up to 400,000 – 500,000 per minute will require more frequent maintenance to ensure they continue working optimally, and to reduce the chance for major repair, while slower handpieces may last for a year before they need to be disassembled and rebuilt again.

Today we will talk about dental handpiece repair. Dentists have many different options for getting an expensive dental handpiece repair. If the handpiece is new, they can send it back to the manufacturer to get it replaced perhaps under warranty. If not under warranty, there are sometimes local options in larger cities, or national service centers. Some local options offer pickup and delivery as well.

Repairing the high speed drill involves ultraschall ultraschallgeräte the bearings and the “O” rings on the turbine. A thorough cleaning is also required to eliminate corrosion caused by autoclaving. The turbine is built with a chuck which is where you put in your bur. A chuck can be push button lever or friction. The chuck also acts as a shaft to mount the impeller and the bearings. The “O” rings are located in the head and back cap of the handpiece. After the assembly is complete the bearings must be lubricated with a bearing oil formulated specifically for high speed bearings. It is important to note that some bearings do not require lubrication. Ceramic bearings are one example.

After this procedure is complete the rebuilt turbine is ready to reinstall back into the head of the handpiece that we just cleaned. Just push the turbine in place and screw the back cap back on the head. If the dental handpiece repair is correct the handpiece will run like brand new. On the subject of maintenance, two or three drops of oil should be placed in the air hole at the bottom of the handpiece.

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