Some of the best nike jordan shoes are the jordans for women

Women Jordan shoes,1985 was a memorable year for Nike Jordan because this was the year when they launched their first basketball shoe. Since then Air Jordan shoes have come a long way. There has been advancement in technology, changes in designs, enhancement in aerodynamic capability and traction, availability of high quality raw materials and all these have been combined together to create some of the best Air Jordan shoes in the market today.There are many people who feel nostalgic whenever they come across 1985 Air Jordans. Those were the Nike Jordan shoes that started it all. The first edition of Air Jordan shoes introduced in 1985 were sophisticated as well as fashionable and are worth quite a fortune to a hardcore basketball fan. The 1985 collection of Jordan shoes were designed by Peter Moore and they were as simple as any basketball shoes can be.
The 1985 jordans for women had a two lace arrangement and the color of each of the lace matched the color on the side of the shoe. Basically this implies that a shoe with red/black color combination had laces that were red and black in color. In 1985, this kind of a color combination sounded as well as looked to be too bold and to the point of being outrageous. But the truth is that this was the bold statement that created a different and unique platform for the Nike Jordan shoes of today and for the near future.
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