Research the New Technology for Crusher Industry

In recent years, China’s crushing industry with a variety of metals, non-metallic, chemical minerals, as well as cement, building materials, and other materials of social demand and the growing scale of production, but also the beginning of popular. With the technology, market competition, crushing machinery constantly upgrade technology, its application has become an increasingly widespread, especially in the industrial areas of concern.

Influenced by the road of modernized industrial development, building a innovative and scientific and technological modern industrial system has become the key for the crushing equipment manufacturing industry of our company to reaching world level. Only by constantly improving the product quality and making innovation to the production technology can the industry stand high and still. At the same time, the foreign trade in recent years has been gradually expanding, and foreign crusher products begin to take up more and more domestic market. Penetrated by the world sustainable development and new type industrial road construction, the mining equipment industry in China must transform the traditional production pattern of relying on cost and cheap labor to the modern production pattern of relying on science and technology and innovation.

Crusher market is very broad, including the chemical, mining, and construction industry. The cement industry in China’s most important application areas, crusher paving and mining, applications in these two sectors accounting for about 30 percent of the industry as a whole. Broken machinery can usually be divided into six categories, in addition to the hammer crusher and roll crusher, gravel pits common crusher compound pendulum jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusherand The vertical shaft impact crusher (VSI) and other four categories. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Sand washing machine, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

Currently, our mining equipment industry has in the right direction, and all kinds of equipment products (such as crushers, grinding machines, ore beneficiation equipment, etc.) have rooted in the international market with one certain market competitiveness. Recently, the environmental protection industry has been spread, so the mining machinery industry should develop towards this trend. In fact, traditional big-size mining equipment affects the environment in mining operations, so the sense of environmental protection in machinery industry should be enhanced. When the industry raises product technological level continuously, at the same time it must pay attention to reduce the resource consumption and low the pollution. After all only the production with green environmental protection model is the key to stabilizing the industrial development.

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