Sand Maker has Realized the Importance of Green Production

The sand maker manufactured by Hongxing Machinery has many advantages and is the new medium and fine stone crushing equipment and is also the machine that can widely replace cone crusher, double roller crusher and ball mill. The sand maker is new and unique in structure and reliable in the operation. Its energy consumption is low, but it has high production capacity and high crushing ratio. Its size is small, and operation, installation and repair are simple and convenient. This sand maker has reshaping function, and the final products are in the cubic shape and the bulk density is high. During its production process, the stone materials can form a protection layer, so that the machine is protected from abrading and has a long service life. For this reason, it is ideal for building city.

The crushing of the materials proceeds in swirling crushing chamber and the crushing effect is limited to the materials, which can play a role of to wear resistant as a lining; the observation hole is used for observing the wear pattern of the wear-resistant block in the impeller emission outlet flow passage and the linear at the top of swirling crushing chamber, the observation must be strictly sealed when the machine works; the distributor is fixed to the upper cylindrical of the swirling crushing chamber; when the impeller rotates at high speed, it will generate air flow which will through the distributor in swirling crushing chamber and the impeller forms internal self circulation system; at last the fine material will discharge out from the opening. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as china sand washer, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

According to heavy demands of cobble sand production line in sand industry, Engineers in Henan Hongxing choose the moments and vigorously develops sand maker innovation and upgrading. On the basis of concrete demands of customers for engineering stone and building sand, Henan Hongxing supplies you with sand maker with various specifications, featuring in high automation, large crushing ratio, high efficiency and large processing. Moreover, the equipment maintenance is quite simple. It will bring customers remarkable benefits because its service life is longer as a result of the adoption of internationally advanced high-strength wearable materials to quick-wear parts. In the meantime, the influences of China sand maker industry are becoming bigger and bigger. The Chinese gross production accounting for 70% of the world production has been the dominant country in worldwide sand maker industry.

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