The car’s navigation using maintenance matters needing attention

Electronic products a trend that is more and more simple operation, a few buttons and even little screen can finish you want to set. However, simple operation does not represent you can careless treatment, for daily use and maintenance on a little snack when, can greatly prolong the service life of navigation. GPS Navigation

1. Use end to follow such a shutdown order: first close the page, and then shut down, finally pulled the plug. Some owners chart convenient, use up straight plug, never shut down, this is easy, but a long time easy to damage electronic components.
2. The machine before use three times the best charging ten hours or so, let the battery storage capacity of the battery maximize out.
3. To start the car, then inserted cigarette lighter power supply. After the navigation out cigarette lighter, next time again after the launch vehicle in, which is conducive to protect the machine battery, extend battery life.
4. Don’t let the navigation screen contact sharp objects.
5. Portable navigation don’t long time in the sun exposure, a larger temperature difference not only influence navigation battery life and will also affect the LCD screen touch sensitivity. After the use of the best away, don’t put on the car conspicuous position, lest incur the thief.
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