mixed lawn artificial grass and natural grass perfect combination

mixed lawn artificial grass and natural grass perfect combination

It comes to sports grass, is a natural addition to the artificial lawn grass lawn of the two types have their advantages and disadvantages: artificial grass, maintenance costs low, the more frequent use of the stadium can teach, suitable for inclement weather, but the pavement compare the cost of inputs more; natural grass maintenance costs on a relatively high vulnerability to weather and site quality, but the feel of natural grass to artificial turf can not be copied.

Then is there a comprehensive advantages of both alternatives?

I observe artificial lawn Industry News, once everyone DESSO DLW in Belgium, the company has been the industry leader in artificial turf, laying artificial turf training used for many of the top international soccer clubs, but also a FIFA Recommended artificial grass supplier, but they are not satisfied to stop.

So they developed a new lawn: DD GrassMaster. The DD GrassMaster simple terms, is a hybrid class turf system using artificial turf to fixed natural grass-roots help the growth of natural grass, but also can increase the frequency of use of natural grass.

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