New jordans 2013,The Lakers lost to the Raptors game

New jordans 2013,NBA regular season to continue, the game has ended, the Spurs on the road to 90-85 victory over the 76ers the winning Spurs take 5-game winning streak, and wins a league-high 33 games. Spurs 90-8576 4-game winning streak away the Spurs Challenge 76, Ginobili continued absence, after the start of the game, Parker layup-come 2 points, Holliday answered with a jumper, the Spurs into the state soon Duncan succeeded in the cast, the Spurs played 10-4 start, the efforts filled game of 76 points difference, the Dior Biao in the exterior lines 3 points, but the first section of the Spurs a 25-17 lead. The second section of the game, Split hook so came to the double-digit points difference, this Leonard continuous score, let him pick the basket Spurs lead with 17 points, although Turner hit three points, but 76 offensive efficiency is very low, with the Wright outside the 3-point line, missed a jumper, and the end of the first half, leading the Spurs 49-35 76.
2013 cheap jordans,Not good to play on the road, which has become the biggest problem with the Lakers this season, Dantoni said that they suddenly fall asleep, this Lakers team average age, but not too old, this spot performance, really It is difficult to have a reasonable explanation. Away in accordance with the current performance, the Lakers want to make the playoffs is almost impossible, because experience went into the playoffs only five times in the history of the Lakers, there are three times away winning less than 3 percent . And next, the Lakers will be a continuous challenge away to the Bulls and Grizzlies, if they continue this away sleepwalking state, I am afraid the next return to the Staples Center, the Lakers what should consider how to end this wave of nightmare The game losing streak.
Jordans 2013,Calderon consecutive pass opened the score difference, Gasol hit the basket strong come back after halftime, resulting in a foul free throws in the points deficit to just 2 points. However, Fields followed by the same cause the Lakers players foul, two free throws up points for the Raptors. Subsequently, Calderon sent straight subtlety assists, Fields, Davis then Calderon passing successively Hit Calderon hit consecutive Raptors again soon opened the points difference. After three, the Raptors 83-70 lead with 13 points.

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