The Maintenance of Precipitator of the Ultrafine Mill

Precipitator is a device called precipitator dust which is separated from the flue gas or dust removal equipment. Precipitator performance can handle the amount of gas, the gas passes through the resistance loss and dust removal efficiency of the precipitator to express. The same time, the price of the dust collector, operation and maintenance costs, length of life and the ease of operation and management are also important factors to consider performance.

Ineffective dust, emissions of dust concentration in excess of pulse jet bag filter is a highly efficient dust removal equipment Once the exhaust tube after the precipitator export risk ash, dust emissions from large, you can find out the reasons from the following aspects:

(1) new clean filter bag pores larger just started using a higher pass rate of dust yet to reach the optimal filtering dust emissions. Therefore, the determination of the pulse jet bag filter dust removal efficiency in the continuous use of a more correct. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as aggregate crushing, high efficiency concentrator , HXJQ is always doing the best in products and service.

(2) Check the filter bag installed correctly.

(3) filter bag breakage will result in the direct discharge of dust stream the exhaust funnel export risk after the precipitator ash.

(4) only partition separate precipitator inlet channel and out of the wind channel, to check whether the middle partition welding tight.

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