use the DD GrassMaster series of artificial lawn products

In Europe, especially Britain, some of the top clubs have begun to use the DD GrassMaster series of artificial lawn products, such as the Liverpool club back in 2001 on the use of the product to the laying of the lawn of their home in Anfield, 2002 Spain’s Real Madrid club also choose the products used in the Bernabeu, home, and other clubs: the British West Ham home, Manchester City home.

Arsenal Football Club’s new stadium soon be completed, also is laying of DD GrassMaster the lawn system. Is expected that the new season of the Premier League after the World Cup, we can see the new look of the new lawn.

Reinforced natural grass, soccer turf to the stability of this technology is the Netherlands invented around 1980 and began to be used, and used in the sports ground in 1992 in the field of hybrid turf system, in addition to DESSO DLW, there In addition, a Dutch artificial turf GreenField also promote their own hybrid turf system. GreenField also do artificial grass sports ground, there are two venues by FIFA two star certification in Portugal.

Do not know when this new technology can be introduced to the country, rather than, as the synthetic turf market products abroad a few years or even a dozen years ago, sports resource network will pay close attention to the global movement of grass market News, to promote China’s sports grass to make their own contribution, and also hope that we supervise our work valuable comments.

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