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The woman is a kind of strange animal, say not clear but also unpredictable. When a song, the old monk told the little monk, the woman is a tiger down the mountain, met must hide. The woman is really a tiger? A woman looking for men, like the stock market, The woman find blue-chip stocks, 95% will be the man to get rid of, the remaining 5% is because the man afraid of the impact of career and Motorboat Jones 9S For Sale rising space. The woman asked: when will you marry me? If a man said: now is not the time, so I have the career money. Women, family financial management is a set, buy a toilet paper what can go around the supermarket, for ten cents cheaper.

Women do not know time is money, spending eight or nine hours in the street, only to buy a $thirty dress, just to one’s heart’s content to go home, but also to show off her to his friends: I bought a value of things today. In fact, the greedy woman belongs Olive 9s 2012 For Sale to the low IQ, compare the most worry, but do not greedy woman is terrible. The man not to earn money, anxious women, men earn money, women will say, there is no sense of security. The woman asks the man is tall, but also to accompany her, Such a man, how can you turn to? I want to have this condition, Three, the woman inborn love vanity, Look at a person, man will see the connotation, temperament, ability, the woman just look good. Women love to take their own relatives and friends to compete, and take her to vent. A woman must make it one of the most dramatic!

Four, a woman is not unreasonable, Women think that only he is right, if people don’t agree with her, that he is an idiot. Women also love me, To buy things, while to the later, like that, one day bought nothing. Look at the others is also good, today is the flower, The woman let the man go to guess what they’re thinking, man is Buy Cheap Jordan 1 KO not guess, is too lazy to guess: the woman go crazy, if ignored, while their own can also good, also take the initiative to apologize, you said not boring boring?! the most difficult is to those who don’t know the woman the man, woman without rhyme or reason to scold, but also with smile, be careful with. In fact, if you don’t talk to her, go out to a circle, or headphones to listen to music, while she herself. Six, the woman likes to be conquered, Women like a better man, so like a man to conquer this is nothing strange. But, some little man is his girlfriend nose scold, too lose men face! Sometimes men want a strong point, resign oneself to adversity but women despise. You told her domineering, she thinks you are the man taste, but will surrender to you.

Don’t think you did meet her, love her, she will not only appreciate, a long time, you would think that the men did not look, then in your backseat driver. For a woman to couple hardness with softness, sometimes domineering temper, sometimes gentle, she Buy Jordan KO 1S For Sale would be unable to find the north, dare not offend you. The woman put the story of others as his own life, and tears, angry, and then rushed her boyfriend shouted: not a good stuff you men! there are many strong, nature is not to rely on others.

A woman is afraid of loneliness, because there is no sense of security, beauty of women worry about their face and body is not good, but the beauty of beautiful women are worried that their appearance will be gone. The inferiority of woman is very Buy Cheap Retro 3S True Blue care about how others see you, and pompous old woman and her boyfriend said how nice to her former boyfriend. For those of us now, they are nothing, no such dared point. The so-called close friend, are women comfort each other, pass the boring time, mutual gossip. No matter how good a friend is, a little conflict of interest, immediately disown man.

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