Jordan shoes are a collector’s item and Nike

Jordan shoes are a collector’s item and Nike has introduced Jordan shoes packages for its enthusiasts. Jordan shoes can be bought from online stores or be sourced from boutiques and shoes outlets. Jordan shoes outlet The Defining Moments package that was released in January 2006 includes two pairs of Jordan shoes – Air Jordan V1 Retro model and Air Jordan X1 Retro model. Next Jordan brand released Beginning Moments package also known as Old Love New Love with Air Jordan 1 Retro model in two colour combinations. This package was released in April 2007. The Defining Moments 2 package also known as the Raging Bull Package (RBP) has Air Jordan V model of Jordan Shoes in two different colour combinations and was recently released in May 2009. Air Jordan Spizike was released in October 2006. It combines all the best elements from the Jordan shoes 3,4,5,6,9 and 20 versions. Jordan flight  This Spizike model was created expressly to commemorate Spike Lee during the Mars Blackmon period. The Air Jordan Collezione/ Countdown package has two different variations of Retro Air Jordan shoes. In 2009, Jordan shoes released Air Jordan 2009 that had only 2009 pairs. Out of these, 1005 were released in the USA alone while 1004 were released abroad. This Jordan shoes design is said to be inspired by fencing. Cheap jordan shoes  It has a small green-blue diamond on top of the shoe.The Nike dunks though intended originally to be basket ball shoes became increasinglypopular in the skate boarding area too. fmdrl130202  For more details please visit our website.

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