time attendance system despite the application

time attendance system  despite the application supporting facilities less, but for technical requirements higher, although a wide range application than radio frequency identification technology just a little bit worse, but the future technology promotion space will be more big. With the rise of the radio frequency identification technology, radio frequency label (RFID) has also entered the paper products processing industry. Equipment vendors have wanted to be in the industry to provide frequency radiation tag solution first overlord, in this way, will promote the technology in the industry in the rapid promotion. Rf label is the application scope of the infinite. Although it can give people brings countless opportunities, but with the increase in the number of people use, it also can give people bring a certain degree of challenge.

System USES wireless radio frequency time attendance system technology, with induction card as mediators for identification. Induction IC card and called radio frequency card, and the communication between host without contact, also need not power, through the electromagnetic field on energy and data transfer. When a induction card on the host card read range, the card within the coil in the excitation signal “induction next produce weak current, as a card in the power of the microprocessor, the card within the processor will card information through a modulation signal send out, the host induction to the signal and translated into digital signal, thus and storage of personal information check, the functional operation.

Among them the use of the most extensive fingerprint time clock technology, fingerprint identification technology Fingerprint identification technology was widely used because of its price the most cheap, easy to use, simple operation, high usability is very strong. Fingerprint identification technology used in the public security criminal investigation field, a lot of police station have installed the rolling fingerprint identification device. After technical reform continuously, fingerprint identification technology was applied to more areas: such as bank internal control management, industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank of China, bank of China, China construction bank, bank of communications and Banks are using internal control cabinet fingerprint identification management system; Computer information security encryption, with fingerprint alternative password instead of “user ID and password” the method to the user’s identity authentication and access control; In addition to fingerprint mobile phones, fingerprint U disk, fingerprint POS machine, fingerprint IC, fingerprint lock, roll machine, etc.

How to connect remote computer?  full biometric time clock technology co., LTD. Warm hint: biometric time clock to connect the computer, to master a few basic elements and roll machine common sense. First, first of all to understand the attendance machine several communication mode. Communication mode (1) RS232 (connection is 3 to 2, 3, 5 needle, the maximum communication distance is 15 meters), free. (2) the RS422 with equal to RS488 (connection is four needle R +, R -, T +, T – communication maximum distance is 1200 meters), used for telecom interface, generally do not use: (3) with RS485 is equal to RS487 (connection is two needle 6, 8 communication maximum distance is 1200 meters), we adopt RS485 conversion, the market price is 200 yuan, (4) the TCP/IP network converter (connection is point to point).

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