iPad 5 Be Thinner and LighterIPad Mini G/F2 Technology

According to Taiwan media DigiTimes reported, Apple’s next-generation 9.7 inch tablet pc android 4.0 using the iPad mini G/F2 touch screen technology. Switch to G/F2 7 inch tablet pc android 4.0touch screen will allow the fifth-generation iPad is thinner than the fourth-generation iPad, the lighter, the current iPad glass – glass touch screen technology.

Apple display will be used in the next-generation android 7 inch tablet pc G/F2 Another reason is that an adequate supply of this screen. Today’s reports show that Apple is more likely to select G/F2 technology, rather than the OGS technology. The news that Japan’s Nitto will Apple supply thin film materials, Nissha Company wills the Apple supply touch screen module and Taiwan’s TPK OEM fitting process. LG and Sharp will supply the display panel; these suppliers would be able to monthly provide 5,000,000 G/F2 display.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted last year, Apple’s next generation android 10.1 inch tablet pc will use the G/F2 technology, which will significantly reduce the thickness and weight of the iPad. This week, Apple introduced a capacity of 128GB of iPad 4, which may mean iPad 5 will be released this fall.

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