Landscape lawn for you

Artificial Grass Carpet is an even more realistic and natural appearance than usual synthetic turf. The carpet is the latest technological developments hardly be distinguished from natural grass.

In particular, the ‘grass carpet-the-luxe’ series is tailored to the needs of the private client: soft, natural and real. In addition, you have absolutely no worry about your carpet of turf, as it requires minimal maintenance. You can easily find yourself the total prices of the required artificial turf calculate.

Children love to play outside and that pleasure we must always give. But you fear for your landscaped lawn? Then an artificial sports turf a good solution. Sports Grass is in fact better than artificial turf, slightly longer and has the look of real grass. This makes it an ideal product for intensive use. So feel free to grab a football and enjoy your sports turf.

Artificial pitches are child friendly and safe to play. Indeed, they are often used as a base for children’s playgrounds and playing fields. Artificial pitches are designed and tested by TNO for the consumer. The sports turf, the substrate and the type of sand are specially tailored to the needs of consumers.

What the cost of artificial turf or grass sports depend on the type of artificial lawn you choose. Artificial turf can very well be used for indoor projects and events such as exhibitions, theater performances, and office space is naturally very suitable for all in-door sports. Increasingly, by stand on structures turf preferred over traditional carpet. The turf wear barely, is easy to keep clean, greater use, and also easy to own.

You can find green grass but boring and you are looking for something different for your garden, on your balcony or at an event? Whether or not a suitable combination with the rest? Then colored buy artificial grass may be a surprising and unique option. Artificial grass, available in various colors. There are different type’s available colored artificial grasses.

The balanced color and structure combination makes VIVATURF Landscape lawn the perfect fit for residential use. Comfort, natural looks and low maintenance are clear advantages. Especially in drought stricken areas in order to conserve valuable water- and money!

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