they are usually most concerned about procurement artificial grass

Now is the industry’s peak season festival, every day to receive all kinds of customers, from different countries and regions, different color, different language of communication, different habits and hobbies, for me is the time to test. Fortunately, I did open a period of time, become accustomed to pull
Different for each customer, they are usually most concerned about procurement artificial grass, I took the time to sort out, to facilitate all the customers better the to understand our TurfSoccer synthetic grass products, want to give you the most tangible help!
synthetic grass which classification applies to what venue?
We TurfSoccersynthetic grass from zoning sport synthetic grass “and” leisure synthetic grass. Sport synthetic grass “is this professional football or tennis; golf; croquet many different uses.
Leisure synthetic grass “is the most garden landscape green artificial lawn or roof heat insulation synthetic grass; children paradise synthetic grass; grass of gardens synthetic; multi-purpose mini-soccer field synthetic grass; decorated with synthetic grass.
What grade synthetic grass, what price?
TurfSoccer synthetic grass points imported grass and the domestic grass two, has a different grade of the different uses of the grass, the key is to look at the customer’s own endurance and like models. Price – 120 dollars from more than 20 yuan.
Imported grass specifically what does that mean?
The imported grass synthetic grass industry said imports of raw materials rather than finished imports the TurfSoccer imported grass using the Netherlands Thiolon turf grass is one of the world’s most high-quality silk.

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