TurfSoccer synthetic grass and real grass conservation is not the same

TurfSoccer synthetic grass and real grass conservation is not the same
Maintenance equipment
The conservation needs of real grass very green lawn care machinery, hotel general with your hotel about 1,000 square greens, should be equipped with a sparse-hole equipment, irrigation equipment, sharpening equipment, greens mowers, etc. usually a normal golf course turf machinery investment of no less than 500 million. Your hotel, of course, does not require so much specialized equipment, but in order to conserve the good greens, hundreds of thousands inevitably. artificial turf maintenance equipment is very simple and requires only a simple cleaning tools.
The staff is not as professional mechanical operators, maintenance personnel, maintenance personnel in the management of real grass is essential. Conservation of non-professional staff may be because of improper maintenance, and death caused by the large area of green grass, even professional golf such a thing is also not uncommon. Conservation of synthetic grass is very simple, only need cleaners cleaned every day, once every three months washing on the line.
Maintenance costs every day due to real grass lawn mowers, insecticide will be carried out every ten days, every once in a while but also sparse hole, fill sand, fertilization, naturally a lot of costs. And professional golf course turf nurses must also have a special drug subsidies, the standard is 100 yuan per person per month. The day-to-day maintenance of synthetic grass only need cleaners the way to clean it. Obviously, the cost of using real grass would certainly be much higher artificial grass.

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