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Just a short time ago, fashion editor just fashion quietly behind the curtain Caopan hand, men and women their work and wearing just curious speculation and romantic reverie. Combined with movie ” Burberry Hobo replica The Devil Wears Prada “, ” Stylista ” reality show to fashion editor with the theme within the TV movie within the global fashionable, and street culture over the runway of permeating, major international fashion magazine editors is considered the new focus for the media spotlight. Four fashion week on either the ” front row seating ” or ” after show party ” but without the dress seductive fashion elite to affix, they wear contests, demonstration by far the most avant-garde products, influence favourably to star celebutante, the Tuileries gardens, Brian park … … A lot of the industry ‘s fashion show was staged here.

Invest the the fashion for comparison, in Europe may fashion editor, buyers, designers and various professionals in many more influential than stars, in your U . s . this huge entertainment DreamWorks, Celebrities, social celebrities daily dress versus the bamboo bridge models to more reference value, they for that fashion industry has play a decisive role influence, from each of the major awards red carpet star studded clothing colors bright lively scene is remarkable. It is actually in this focus on business and practical fashion culture background, the states of America fashion magazine editor and European fashion magazine editor style also presents different special landscape.

Identified as ” the Devil Wears Prada ” with the American version of the Vogue Anna Wintour which includes a strong female editor famous for decades united day, BOB head is now Anna Wintour signs, and luxurious fur coat, wild leopard, noble and trendy printing, cutting the classic Chanel suits, Star Hotel Nikko mirror, are Anna ‘s most popular, to be sure the dress to produce her rich in Power,  Burberry Crossbody replica  not anger from Granville, perfectly logical all the time appear aura is threatening, nonetheless the traditional classic female image towards public don’t even have reference valu.

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