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TRW Automotive Jacquizz Rodgers Game Jersey Holdings Corp. sketched out how its range of smart safety systems can hold up car manufacturers and car parts in attaining the goal of diminishing the impact of road accidents as well as vehicle emissions. The Auto Channel reported that the TRW Automotive Holdings Corporation’s ‘Cognitive Safety Systems’ help save assist drivers and their passengers in keeping away from and moderating accidents. Furthermore, TRW showcases a Jacquizz Rodgers Limited Jersey portfolio of fuel efficient technologies to back up its customers in their ecological endeavors.

Over 1.2 million people’s lives ended in tragedy due to road traffic accidents each year according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Research for the European Commission’s ‘2010 Intelligent Car Initiative’ quoted that 76 percent of all disasters are caused by driver error.

“We’re not talking about just safety, but about intelligent or ‘thinking’ safety – this means technology that can support drivers and help mitigate the Jacquizz Rodgers Elite Jersey impact of traffic accidents. TRW’s Cognitive Safety Systems are at the center of the broadest portfolio of safety technologies of any automotive supplier. By combining this breadth of active and passive technology with our electronics and sensing capabilities, we are able to Jacquizz Rodgers Falcons Jersey offer systems that provide tangible safety benefits to drivers and their passengers,” says TRW, Peter Lake, TRW’s executive vice president. tuotuGzu0108

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