well in advance of preoperative use of compound preparation

4.1 special training for new operating lamp, let the factory technical personnel to explain the method of use, the matters needing attention and maintenance of knowledge, normative operation bed use process, make whole nurses to master the operation bed and accessories for the correct use method, reducing the improper operation or incorrect or unskilled.

4.2 well in advance of preoperative use of compound preparation before the operation and 1 Address: gads0cv Room 1401 No.505  D from nurse to operation verification of the operation between the desired operation bed accessories, and on the day before the operation to check and confirm complete, to ensure the normal use of the operation.

4.3 quantitative methods to strengthen the participation in the management of responsibility and consciousness, will be responsible for people with head nurse inspection results into the operation room nurses evaluation, directly involved in the years of superior hook, to increase the general staff ‘s consciousness.

5 Conclusion

Operation bed is providing anesthesia and operation platform, its scientific and standardized management, directly affect the operation process and patient safety, therefore, the operation bed for standardized management, in basic level hospital is crucial. Since the adoption of standardized management, to guarantee the quality of work, improve work efficiency, but also improves the anaesthetist and doctors ‘ satisfaction to nurses.


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