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Adobe Flash (also Adobe Flash Platform, formerly Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia and software platform used for authoring of vector graphics, animation, games and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) which can be viewed, played and executed in Adobe Flash Player. Flash is frequently used to add streamed video or audio players, advertisement and interactive multimedia content to web pages.

Good Compression of Objects Names. Usually some beginners think that objects names are the same with instance names. Actually, that’s not true. You need to have a clear mind about instance names, class names, and object names in the library. In fact, they have different meanings in flash. If these are not understood well, it may be difficult to play flash. For example: gray_box_01 is the instance name, graybox is the class name without spacing, gray box is the movieclip (or object) name with spacing in the library.

General Structural Gulides for Flash. In order to save a lot of time for future projects, you need to make sure that your flash timeline structure and library are clean and reusable. It is necessary to create and apply layer folders when you have over ten layers on timeline. Try your best to avoid using default layers and name them meaningfully. You’d better put all actionscripts in one layer and put it on top of all layers. Give the meaningful names for every object in the library and use folders to group related objects. Please the small drop down arrow to remove unused objects from the library, then “Select Unused Items” and press delete button.

How to Make URL Buttons in ActionScript 3.0. The first thing you need to do is to create a button in the library. Then you drag it onto stage 2 and position them. Next, you need to name them by instance names: button_01 and button_02. Finally, ou need to add Event Listeners. The tips is easy to understand.

How to Duplicate MovieClips in ActionScript 3.0. Firstly, you need to create movieclip “box” in the library. Then right-click on it, click on Linkage and Set the class as box. Then you need enter “var b:MovieClip = new box();” to duplicates a movieclip. Line no.4 and 5 is for setting the X and Y positions of a duplicated movieclip. Finally, you add duplicated movieclip onto stage by entering add “Child()”.

How to Use a Timer Class in Flash. First of all, you need create a new timer variable timer_01. Then add an event listener function play_timer, copy box movieclip from the FLA file of TIP number 3 into the library. Last, you need add play_timer function.

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