We can be seen from the above-mentioned structural characteristics

We can be seen from the above-mentioned structural characteristics, pre-installed fiber waterproof connectors┬átype is variable, mainly based on the design and the needs of customers and, if the previously mentioned multi-fiber MTP connector is an advantage completely eliminate the impact of unfavorable factors in the multi-core optical fiber connector, allowing users to achieve the desired application. For the majority of engineering staff, the following content is the actual close contact and Engineering, “pre-connect fiber optic cable installation process how to proceed?”

In product research and development at the same time, which we designed the installation protective tube, its role is :Address: mf0as2dd Room 1413, Unicom International Tower First of sufficient strength to ensure that the ip67 connector placed in the pipe or bridge can withstand, while the sealed structure to ensure that during the installation process, dustproof, waterproof, therefore it is installed as in the past, construction, not fiber. The fiber optic cable caused any damage, waterproof, and the level of protection to IP50 and IP67-rated. Finally, the advantages of pre-connection is also reflected in the improvement and upgrading of the network.

as described above, the rapid application of the network will inevitably result in the waterproof connector, amendments, etc., but due to the characteristics of the connection used in the past, many cases customers will give up because the projects are too complex, and may eventually make the engine room of the expanded structure is irrational, use and maintenance become complicated and cumbersome, while the characteristics of pre-connection usb cable plug is a good solution to this problem, if a network terminal to move or change the path, so customers simply select the appropriate pre-connect fiber optic cable pulled out from the rack, and then optical cable splitter card then again in the new location on the rack on it, the whole process only takes tens of minutes.


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