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Milan mayor Letizia Moratti stressed, ” the fashion industry is often more open, together, further strengthen our city interactive cooperation. Regarded as important industry of our economy, we can support “. She said, ” Milan fashion industry design year earnings are all the way  Burberry Bowling bag replica   to 13000000000 euros, occupy this is a turnover 22%. The development of this sector is flourishing, in Milan and also the province at all times . nearly 15000 enterprises. Only really 342 between clothing and textile industry was established in Milan, is almost every single day a “.

Wednesday fashion week can be Gucci, John Richmond and Alberta Ferretti commences. Next Thursday is Max, Mara, Fendi and Prada. On Friday Antonio Marras, including Moschino, Etro, Ferr??Gianfranco and Versace. Saturday is Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander and Roberto Cavalli. Sunday could be the turn of Marni, Brioni, Dolceamp; Gabbana, Missoni and Salvatore Ferragamo. Last Monday with the Dsquared2 and GiorgioArmani for Fashion Week event marking the most perfect full stop.

The previous day of March 1st, to fashion new designers Burberry Hobo bag replica on your protagonist. Including two start display one’s talent novice: from Italy’s Carta e Costura and Turkey Erkan oruh. Every this net, the copyright is the Chinese clothing net all, reproduced please specify “. The network is going to be subject to legal liability.

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