Feeling lonely

The vast sea of humanity, sentient Percy Harvin Youth Jersey beings. How many people envy, how many of us that ZhongXingPengYue, kind of glory, the Dutch toast each other between the ease of playfulness, laugh, or side by side under the moon and flowers, talk about spring cloud summer rain romantic, or elsewhere in the alien land, mountain with flowing water of enrichment, and wandering communication field, current romantic China’s vanity…

However, the dream of light always split open the shadow of night, the flower will brief to final die, cup of wine water not to heart, to FanChou frequently will someone go tea cool, so, in a noisy street, in the quiet rural, a unique state of mind – lonely often went into everyone’s heart.

Loneliness is not the LiSuo GuYan autumn, that is a the wings of the Ming dynasty in the direction of the young eagles fly. Life is a kind of meditation.

Loneliness is not spring weak yellow flowers sway its golden Percy Harvin Men’s Jersey yellow, is that a strain strength of the grass roots, looking for the soil. That is the life of the show.

Loneliness is not autumn ruinous floating flocculated, that is the end of the spring in the cold quietly germinating seeds, is a kind of the strength of life.

Loneliness is not in a small room, work behind closed doors, but open desk work, and writing, and music where companions, chewing and life on one side of the pure land, that is the soul of the culture, life is a kind of grade.

Loneliness is not the Percy Harvin Women’s Jersey blue sky white clouds drift of a, but a piece of ground snowflakes, in dry soil bare indifferent to mind, it is a calm mind, clean the integrity.

Loneliness is the busy street in a green pines, to see life vicissitudes of life, time cycle but there was none to talk to sigh with regret, it is a kind of deep regret.

Loneliness is a weather-beaten attacks cold plum, disdain and flowers bloom, but independent the end of winter, it is a kind of persevering spirit and silent promise.

Loneliness is the GuDeng amorous soul, is looking forward to, always cut continuously in fine threads continuously tears in letter thoughts, it is a kind of deep helpless, the love.

Loneliness is wine stop people scattered after a cup of sweet tea, is the elimination of noise and a real lonely, is life’s circumstances and sentiment.

Loneliness is chewing people flatter or advice of space, is a kind of life rare free.

Loneliness is although have a lot of friends, but often a man to be alone taste a difficult away sorrow, that is a Stephen Burton Jersey kind of life trauma.

Loneliness and happiness, t kind of life trauma.

Loneliness and happiness, that is also a kind of life experience, is a kind of life feeling… Amysunshine20130112

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