ash boots sale They are the ideal footwear for hitting the beach

ash boots sale They are the ideal footwear for hitting the beach


Locals also make a great shower shoe or around the house slipper. They easily fit in your bag and most of us living on the island store at least one pair in the car for those times when we forget our shoes at home (its a barefoot lifestyle out here). Locals Sandals to the rescue!at the beach, waterfalls or even around the house, chances are you could use a pair of Locals. Locals can be worn virtually anywhere.ash boots sale They are the ideal footwear for hitting the beach, theyre light weight, dont fill with sand and offer protection from hidden debris.When it comes to style, Locals have something for everyone. By far and away the most popular is the traditional solid black sole with a smoke strap. Locals also come in a rainbow of other color straps, and for good reason.In Hawaii everyone kicks off their sandals before entering a house (it is a sign of respect and helps keep dirt outside). Its not uncommon to see fifteen pairs outside a front door. Having different colored straps help distinguish your sandals from everyone elses and avoids the dreaded Eh brah, you take my slippahs Probably the biggest scam the surf industry has ever pulled is convincing the general public that they need to spend up-words of forty dollars for a pair of cool sandals. Wrong. Theres a much better alternative that we Hawaiian locals know about.Besides the comfort and easy-going style, the coolest thing about Locals sandals is the price.ash wedge sneaker Prices can range from $3.99 to $8.00. At such a ridiculously affordable price your Locals collection is sure to blossom (I have about four pairs).Also when your dog chews them up or you forget them on the beach, you can breathe easy. The low price also makes these rubber slippers the ideal footwear for the kids (who seem to grow a size every month).Depending on where you purchase your Locals Sandals, sizing may be different then youre use to. In Hawaii locals are sold by the inch (not by shoe size), which can get a little confusing.Here is a basic guideline of the more popular sizes to help you select the right size.



 4.5 – 5.5 = 9.5

 6 – 7 = 10

 7.5 8.5 = 10.5



 7.5 – 8.5 = 10.5 

 9 10 = 11

 10.5 11.5 = 11.5


 Sizes are now available (at select locations) in mainland sizes,ash boots but they typically only come in whole sizes,  fmlyn130115 so round up. If you wear a 7 , you probably want a size 8. Selecting a size that comes just to the end of your heel will prevent mud and puddles from splattering up the backs of your legs when youre off the beaten path. 


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