fingerprint time clock features realize the manager and staff login

fingerprint time clock features  realize the manager and staff login information automatic judgment! According to the different status display different functional menu. (2) programs use three layer architecture thought, using fully the object-oriented thought method to design. (3) system in the relevant operation such as delete employee information using the storage process.

In the biometric time clock, a major problem is the quality of the original mark, if the quality is poor, automatic fingerprint identification is very difficult. This is because the general recognition method is through the extracting fingerprint pattern of fine, unique characteristics comparison, when the original mark quality is bad when it is difficult to extract from fingerprint image to these details. In order to improve the quality of fingerprint original mark, can use localization image segmentation of fingerprint images. This method as early as in 1986 is published literature [5]. Localization image of the original image is a kind of transform form, it represents the local wave direction, this kind of method suitable for processing simple image, such as fingerprints and other contains only background and foreground image, in dealing with to be able to discover and eliminate noise and image the low quality area, so as to avoid dealing with interference, save computation time and cost.

As time and attendance systems equipment prices are down, the customer can be used in the future better equipment, improve the ability of recognition. Some notebook, desktop or U disk, has been equipped with the fingerprint identification technology, and the future soon, mobile phones will appear facial recognition and iris recognition function. Kendall said: “the people are the personal information stored in your computer, so the people have become the first target of film. With more and more mobile phones and flat computer assembly and camera, in these equipment install a iris recognition software, the system access control, will not be any difficulties.”

(4) position type and commuter time and attendance systems management: different types of job have different commuter time, the administrator can add new job category and amend existing position name of the category and commuter time! (5) department information management: the administrator can add and delete department information, when the department of existence of employees’ information does not execute the delete operation! (6) system management: the manager and staff landing system can modify their own password.

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