It can be easier to wash off than oil

This medium is not common, but has a tradition of use in both Ayurvedic and reflexology. Users place the ball of the cane on the trigger point and press down. Do not receive Thai foot shanghai massage when you are sick fkfjohui2 or even feeling weak. The curve of the cane makes it easy to pull down or press it into the muscle. Ideal for users with muscle spasms and knots, this tool relieves pressure in the muscle and increases blood flow to the area to relax the muscle.

This medium is suited for those clients who need deeper tissue work and require a heavier medium. The thick base provides longer-lasting slip and glide than lighter formulations. It is also good for clients who are oil-phobic or do not like the feel of oil on their skin. It can be easier to wash off than oil and leaves a non-greasy feel.
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