Merits and Disadvantages of Rotary Kiln


     Rotary kilns have broader space and thermodynamic fields, which can supply sufficient air. The installation of the excellent combustion apparatus can ensure the full combustion of the fuel, provide the necessary heat for clinker calcination and meet the heat exchange of cement clinker in the various stages of the processes. With the different needs of cement clinker minerals in the different stages, it can not only meet the heat exchange and temperature requirements of different minerals in different stages, but also can meet their requirements on time. The certain slope and speed can help the rotary kiln raise up the materials and drop them down to form displacement to make the materials move from the tailing to the head of the clinker rotary kiln. The high temperature and stable thermal field has become the best device to decompose a variety of toxic, hazardous and hazardous wastes.  
     The calcination temperature model of rotary kiln is not easy to be set up by traditional methods. But the problem can be solved with data based fuzzy modeling method. Based on analyzing the rotary kiln’s technology and control requests, using the running data of the limestone rotary kiln, the model of rotary kiln’s calcination temperature is established. In the modeling process, the outputs are introduced back into the "IF" parts after analyzing the model outputs. Because rotary kiln has the feature of complicated circumstances and variety of parameters, higher quality calcination temperature controller is needed.   
     The rotary kiln also has weaknesses. As a heat exchanging device, the hot air flow and the materials within the cylinder are in the state of accumulation, so the exchanging efficiency is much lower, which will influence the processing efficiency and increase the energy consumption.  The fuel needed by the calcination of clinker is all produced from the head kiln, and fuel are calcined within the kiln under the condition of high temperature and ample oxygen, a lot of harmful gases, like NOX, will be produced to pollute the environment. What’s more, the heat after the output of clinker is hard to be recycled, so the heat loss is much large.

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