Parameters Affect Screening Efficiency


     Vertical shaft impact crusher is widely used in stone production. On the current market, vertical shaft impact crusher can be divided into a variety of types according to the structure of rotor. Each type of rotor matches with different speed, and different materials to meet different requirements on material polishing and crushing, which is the key technology in the rotor design. Therefore, the use of the discrete element technique to study the material characteristics and structural design of the vertical shaft impact breaker and rotor throwing has a great significance not only on the optimization of the function of the structure and parameters of the rotor but also on the enrichment of rotor theory.  
     In the virtual prototype model, the particles flow field is analyzed; the movement, trajectory distribution and throwing properties of particles within the rotor are researched. The average speed of particles thrown off the rotor as an investigation target, the laws between the speedup particles and the channels numbers of rotor are discussed by the rotor with 3~8 channels. The results show, with the increase in the channel number of mineral impact crusher, the rotor acceleration effect on the particle gradually increased at first and reached peak at 6, and then begin to decline. Therefore, when the channel number of rotor is 6, there are the most reasonable structure and the best particle acceleration.   
     Using multi-parameter orthogonal test technology to research the comprehensive mutual relations among the speed and number of particles thrown off, the rotor flow channel, runner plate mounting angle, the rotary speed of rotors and the feeding amount and the optimization of craftsmanship of the impact crushing machine, we find the first factor affecting the speed of the particles thrown is the number of rotor flow channel, the second factor is the mounting angle of the flow channel plate, the third factor is the rotor speed and the fourth factor is the feeding amount. The optimal solution is six flow paths of the rotor and 46.5 °the flow channel plate mounting angle, 1600r/min the rotor speed and 400t / h the feeding quantity.

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