The Contrast between Domestic and Abroad Crusher


     Traditional jaw crusher is widely used in industries because of its simple structure, reliable operation, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance, low price and high adaptability, but its disadvantages are discontinuous crushing, relatively low efficiency, small crushing ratio, uneven wearing of jaw plate caused by uneven feeding.  
     The overwhelming majority of manufacturers and working sites are still using traditional single toggle jaw crusher. The technical level of jaw crushers manufactured by domestic manufacturers is very different from each other, and there are a small number of manufacturers whose products are close to the world advanced level, while most of the manufacturers have a larger gap with the world advanced level. The weight of domestic jaw crusher is generally heavier than that of abroad crushers in the same specification. The rack of jaw crushers takes a large weight (casting rack takes 50%, welding rack takes 30%). The rack of foreign jaw crushers is all welded, even the mobile jaw is welded. In addition, the cast is a high energy consuming process, so from the perspective of energy conservation, welded frame should be vigorously developed.   
     Using welded rack for jaw crushers is the long-term development of the right direction. In addition, the unreasonable structural design of the rack is also an important reason to increase the weight of the machine. The rack-structure design should first be based on the force, under the conditions to meet the requirements of strength, stiffness, and reduction of weight. Under normal circumstances, the crusher is not need to be added the longitudinal ribs.  
     In a summary, to improve the backward situation of domestic jaw crusher, comprehensively improve the technical level of the jaw crusher to catch up with the world advanced level, and create the world brand jaw crusher is a priority. The fundamental factors to ensure the best performance of the jaw crusher are optimum motion characteristics of moving jaw. This feature is obtained by agencies optimal design. Therefore, the jaw crusher organizations optimize the design to ensure the best performance of the fundamental crusher.

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