The Peculiarity of Flotation Machine


     The ore beneficiation is based on the physical and chemical properties of different minerals in the ore to separate the useful minerals and gangue minerals, separate various species of symbiotic useful minerals from each other, remove or reduce harmful impurities, and obtain the raw materials required for smelting or other industrial process after the ore has been crushed and grinded in the way of double separation, flotation separation, magnetic separation, or electric separation.  The flotation-cell.html">flotation machine is made of separate columns, independent bubble generators of air pressure, ring scraper agencies and tailings lifting tube. Several separate columns arranged as a circular ring, and used pressurized air made bubble. Pulp feed into one column, mine tablets down and air bubble rise, hydrophobic ore became thick ore concentrates after flotation process, and into concentrate separate column made many times generation got finally concentrate. 
     Affinity ore along with the pulp, through the tailings lifting tube entered sweeps elects to separate in the column to carry on sweeps many times and got finally tailings.   The single column made of perspex, used air compressor gas, through frequency changer control scraper rotational speed. Experts researched the flotation efficiency of this machine on the theoretical, analyzed the movement trajectory of particles and the force in tailings upgrade tube, researched the bubble speciality and the charge capability, made the mineral processing test and compared to the mechanical agitation-type flotation separator.  
     Flotation machine in China can basically meet the requirements of different concentrator. In terms of the kinds of separating minerals, it can meet the needs of non-ferrous metals, precious metals, precious metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic and sewage treatment. From the size of the plant, it can meet the processing plant of less than 10 tons to 10 tons daily processing demands. From sorting minerals granularity of view, it can not only meet the sorting routine granulated grade mineral, but also to meet the sorting coarse grade mineral requirements. There is flotation separator for course separation, sweeping separation and fine separation, and pre-separating machine for the circuit of ore grinding process.

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