These two criteria are presented for a same operating lamp concept

These two criteria are presented for a same operating lamp concept, it is in the normal state and even power supply interruption of emergency patient position should be capable of movement to the head, the supine position. Head supine, also known as Trent Lunbogeshi lying position ( Trendelenbug, is a clinical commonly used in patients with postural, patient breathing, blood circulation has certain clinical significance, commonly used to handle early hypotension, is also used to treat air embolization, even as the shock in the emergency measures. Therefore, operation station and a hospital electric bed must have this function, so that patients in the power supply interruption in the case of emergency E head supine position, in order to rescue.

The manufacturer can benefit a way to solve the power supply interruption of the movement of the device. One is to increase the internal power source ( or a rechargeable. Use battery as a backup power supply ), two through the mechanical Address: jm1djkmd Room 1401 No.505 Caoyang Road,Shanghai,China.

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