Hongxing Researches New Rod Mill

1. The newly researched and developed rod mill relatively saves more than 40% of the power compared with old type of device. The product particle size is more uniform, aggregate coarse particles and slime are fewer. Compared with the product of rod mill and ball mill product, open circuit rod mill work product particle size is similar with curve and closed milling. 
2. The expected size is more uniform, higher yields.
We adopt advanced controllable feeding and discharging rod mill technology, combined with the actual users’ abrasive materials, and we use suitable grinding body, changing the face of the traditional ball mill line contact, so that the the granularity of Hongxing sand maker is more uniform , higher yield, suitable for ores of different hardness (Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 12).
3. Adjustable fineness of the material 
     The particle size can be changed by a simple adjustment, internal fineness control device, the material can be added screening device, two device ensure that neither excessive wear and not qualified products mixed with the finished product.The characteristics of the rod mill is in the process of grinding, grinding media and ore is linear contact, so it has a selective grinding role. The product has relatively uniform particle size, less over crushed mineral particles. For rough grinding rod mill, the handling capacity of rod mill is larger than that of the same specifications. And vice versa.
Rod mill product particle size characteristics are related with the rods ground ore. When the rod combats ore, first is the coarse particles, and then mill a smaller ore particles, thereby reducing the danger of over-pulverization. 
    When the rods upward along the liner, sandwiching the coarse materials, like bars screen, fine-grained materials pass stick sutural, which is also conducive to the folder crushing and coarse concentrated in grinding media.. Therefore, the rod mill product is more uniform, over smash is lighter. 

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