The biometric time clock of check on work attendance is an important part of the management system

The biometric time clock of check on work attendance is an important part of the management system. Staff attendance and on time fair attendance management system affect the image of the company, the morale of the employees, and then affect the company the staff’s working efficiency, the company’s economic benefit. Now many the company USES the ways of check on work attendance: time clock, magnetic card, IC card, non-contact card, ID card, etc. Although can play a certain role, but the problem is also very prominent: time clock fee people trouble, needs several clerk do statistics and timing replacement card, and magnetic card, etc will be card easy to forget to take, lost, stolen, making the new card and so on questions. Fundamentally speaking, the above method of check on work attendance in the validation of the staff identity and not verify staff itself, but verify the effectiveness of the object, and therefore there are inevitable and the possibility of punch, the loopholes in management is congenital.

With the scale of chain enterprises expand, more business, fingerprint time clock management mode has not been able to let the enterprise can effective management staff, the traditional ways of check on work attendance out of difficulties, to more than one shop, large-scale, cross area for chain enterprises, the lack of an effective check on work attendance management system means that unable to realize a unified standard, a large number of data information personnel management decision analysis, also is in the personnel management in the decision-making process of judgment only blind, but also unable to realize standardized management and effective control. A lot of chain enterprise in personnel scale expanding business did not bring management benefit, it is in the development to a certain stage appear serious personnel management predicament, the enterprise internal staff working time can’t control, employees’ mutual generation punch, leading to the development of enterprises relative walking, management become the bottleneck restriction enterprise development.

How to solve these problems? As time and attendance systems is being perfected, on the market have appeared identify the biological characteristics of the equipment, such as fingerprints, palm, iris and other biological identification system, the emergence of these high-tech for attendance management more add a guarantee and standardized management. Throughout all biological identification check on work attendance system, with the highest cost-effective or fingerprint attendance system. It widely used, mature, use convenient, has been applied in many industries.cale production less, test model, retail price from time and attendance systems machine 6000-20000 yuan to iris kind of tens of thousands of yuan between.

Fingerprint attendance machine main advantage is the need not carry card, can put an end to generation of punch, no card loss. Defect is more than hundreds of people use, the processing time than other clock slow way several times, fingerprint attendance machine collection head is difficult to read fingerprints, light person recognition efficiency is low, the person that weigh recognition failure. Fingerprint attendance machine the use requirements of the personnel quality is good, fingerprint for clean, if fingerprint have wear, can appear fingerprint attendance machine can’t identify situation. The fingerprint attendance machine against the destruction of ability and stability need to be enhanced, can only do simple attendance processing, at present the market share is about 5%.

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