The Detailed Functions of Dryer


     Dryers can be divided into three types, including indirect heat transferring dryer, compound heat transferring dryer and direct heat transferring rotary dryer. Materials are heated directly or indirectly during their movement in the dryer machine, and then they will be discharged by belt conveyor or spiral conveyor after being dried. Rotary dryer is generally used to dry particles, but sometime it can also dry materials with much higher moisture under the condition of adding some dry materials.Dryers can not only dry materials, they also have other functions.1, the dryer is an inclined rotary cylinder 
      Raw materials are added from the high-end of the cylinder. With the continuous rotary movement of sand dryer, material gradually moves from high-end to low-end, so sand dryer is a transferring equipment.2, the dryer is a burning equipment  The milled coal powder is blown into the sand dryer by pulverized blower. Energy produced by burning is transferred to materials in the way of radiation, convection and conduction. As fuel combustion equipment, sand dryer has a broader space and thermodynamic field, which can provide adequate air to install excellent combustion apparatus, and to ensure full combustion of fuel, and to provide the necessary heat for the calcining of clinker.3, the dryer having a heat exchange function  The sand dryer, having a relatively uniform temperature Session, formed cement clinker to meet the requirements of the various stages of the process of heat exchangers.4, degradable waste function  The sand dryer has a high temperature special and long-time thermal field of airflow stagnant, biodegradable chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries discharge of toxic and hazardous waste. At the same time, most of the heavy metals in cured to form a stable salt, avoid secondary pollution of the waste incinerator prone in the clinker.5 , the dryer has a chemical reaction  A series of physical and chemical reaction happen in the process of drying clinker. Clinker rotary dryer can meet different mineral phases formed on the heat and the temperature requirements, but also to meet their requirements on time, which is ideal for the chemical reaction devices.

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