The Far East always stick to “go beyond user expectations

The Far East always stick to “go beyond user expectations, creating the world famous” the quality policy, and Xi’an Jiaotong University, Harbin Polytechnic University, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, Jiangsu Province, cable technical training centers for long-term cooperation, training of a quality awareness of the technology of production technology with high levels of staff; from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, the United States approved the introduction of a number of the most advanced equipment, Perhaps you don’t know that wire duct is very popular these days.such as imported from Germany TROESTER company-wide dry crosslinking 500KV lines, there is no domestic second home, for the production of high quality products provide effective protection; for the major raw material, the face of domestic and foreign enterprises to open Tender, Insist on selecting the best of good, quality control from the source jkilsjllh; established perfect quality management system and process, for tight process control, enhance quality awareness training for staff, relying on “three inspection system” (self-inspection, mutual inspection, special Inspection) for the control of quality; in accordance with the GB, JB, MT, SB, GY and other national standards and industry standards, IEC, UL Standard American, German VDE standards, BS, JIS and other international standards to organize production, strictly guard the quality of off. Same constantly improve their service system, set up all over the country Marketing Service network, providing customers with comprehensive high quality service to the Far East cable 19 years in short supply, favored.
The Far East has always been concerned about and focus on brand creation and dissemination, creating a “four restructuring,” Jiang Xipei elected “representatives of the CPC Shiliu Da”, “2008CCTV China’s top ten financial year” to attract media attention, and many other highlights and news point, through the thematic interviews, title sponsorship, online marketing, outdoor Advertisement, Conference marketing and other means to effectively expand the brand awareness; won the Beijing Olympic project, the Capital International Airport, Shanghai International Financial Center, Shanghai World Expo project, thousands of Pudong International Airport and other international and national major projects the user’s trust, effectively enhance the brand’s reputation; used to send business publications, invited to study methods of leading customers and the community to allow customers a comprehensive in-depth understanding of the Far East, the Far East to increase brand loyalty.High quality and competitive price wiring duct can be found in Shanghai Yuqiao.
“Far East” brand also has been awarded “Asia Brand Innovation Award” and “China Famous Brand.” At present, the Far East greatly accelerated the impact of cable wire and cable industry, the world’s leading brand of the process.We can by to learn more wire duct products.

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